SAT Plating Exhibits at Satellite 2020 Conference and Exhibition

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SAT Plating LLC, a leading plastics plating company, is pleased to announce they will be exhibiting at the upcoming Satellite 2020 Conference and Exhibition: March 9-12, 2020 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.  SAT Plating will be exhibiting in booth #2324.

SAT Plating has groundbreaking plating capabilities that enable Satellite – Advanced Technology – and Defense Markets to develop innovative product solutions for its customers.  SAT has expanded the range of plateable polymers to include highly difficult-to-plate plastics such as PEEK, ULTEM™, PVC, Kapton®, Carbon Fiber, and 3D printed materials, among many others.  SAT’s Adaptive Plating Technologies™, allows the selective plating of various metals onto Polymer Films | Carbon Fibers | Fabrics | Tubes |Rapid 3D | Injection-molded Parts, etc., delivering best-in-class metal plating deposits.  Ask about their latest plating breakthrough – RFI shielding on carbon fiber and advanced composite materials.

Satellite 2020 Conference and Exhibition

Gold 4The latest innovations, technology, and solutions will be on display at the conference.  Satellites have never before been so integral to such a broad scope of industries.  From transportation to the military, telecommunications to media & entertainment and beyond, the possibilities that satellites produce are never-ending in their applications.  Expand your knowledge as well as your network, by attending the largest commercial space and satellite show in the world!

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SAT Plating is ISO 9001:2015 Certified; FFL Licensed; ITAR Compliant and Registered. 

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