Technologies We Offer

We’ve revolutionized the plating world by developing new technologies that separate us from the decades old plating methodologies. We have taken formerly “non-plateable” grades of plastics, and made them plateable, all while enhancing the properties with superior adhesion. There has been a need for high quality, repeatable plating at scale, and our technologies deliver on all three.

Adaptive Plating Technologies (APT) affords you an expansive amount of potential for the functional and aesthetic possibilities of your products. We greatly increased the options for product design, material selection, and production methodologies. Our processes can be applied to a wide range of polymers and materials. With our APT process, we can ensure that your product will be exceptional in quality, readily available to be recreated and mass produced, and cost efficient.

The technologies offered for our APT suite is as follows:

Peek Film Selective Copper Plating
Surface Activated™ PEEK film w/ Copper Finish

Surface Activation® Technology

Surface Activation® technology affords us the ability to plate plastics that were unplateable in the past, all without the need for abrasive blasting or etching with hazardous chemicals. Once a part is Surface Activated® , it allows us to plate these stubborn plastics without ever compromising the structural or aesthetic integrity of the polymer.

Our technology is primarily used to help bolster the structural, functional, and aesthetic finishes of a polymer, all the while offering superior adhesion for a plated finish. This boost to the structural integrity of a polymer helps increase the longevity and overall performance of the final product, especially when the final product is exposed to extreme environments.


SelectPlate™ is our answer to highly dynamic plating specifications. We employ various techniques to plate only where needed and maximize the product’s capability.

Pvc Select Plating
Surface Activated® ABS w/ Nickel Finish and Functional Resist Coating
Braun ExacTemp
Surface Activated® PCS-ABS & PSU w/ Copper Base and Nickel Finish

Multi-Shot Molded Plastic Processing

We offer an injection molding process called the Multi-Shot Molded Plastic that can mold even the most complex and intricate plateable and non-plateable plastic resins. With this process, we can metalize specific areas of your product, while also offering the potential for metalized deposits. When synergized with SAP, the difficult to plate plastics SAP yields can also be used for Multi-Shot Molding.

Printable Plating

We can also print a base coat of proprietary chemicals onto the specified areas of a plate. These chemicals generally are used to change the functional properties of a specified area, but they can also be used to change the areas appearance, making it a great tool to help bolster your ethos through your products aesthetic.

Peek Film Selective Copper Plating
Surface Activated® PEEK w/ Copper Finish








If you have any questions about our APT Suite, feel free to call us at (248)273-0037.