Our Adaptive Plating Technologies can enhance a medical device component made from an engineered polymer, such as PEEK. With metal plated surfaces, the polymer is now conductive, can provide EMI shielding, and has more abrasion resistance. Whether it’s a plastic molded part, a film, or a 3D printed part, the metal on the surface can make the plastic significantly more functional. Our work speaks for itself.


The advent of high-performance polymers, such as PEEK and Ultem, and the combination of electroplated metals has ushered in a new era of technological advancements used for industrial applications. Whether the need is for lightweighting existing metal parts, creating EMI shielding barriers, or gaining an electrically conductive surface on a plastic, SAT has partnered with many large and small firms to expand the uses of the most advanced materials in the world. 


Polymer plating has drastically changed the face of the aerospace industry since it was initially implemented in the 1970’s. The continuous commitment to revolutionize and streamline our perceptions of air travel is what made this industry possible in the first place, from the initial stages of its infancy in 1903, to the continued commercial and military driven advancements seen today. These advancements have continued to make the aerospace industry one of, if not the biggest contributor to both American jobs and the American economy seen today.