Electroplating and EMI Shielding

The need for EMI shielding continues to grow in many industries as technological advancements increase the use of sensitive electronics, mobile communication devices, and GPS tracking, among other exciting technologies. 

EMI shielding helps protect against signal disruption by preventing external signals from disrupting any given component, through an enclosure around the sensitive part. Alternatively, shielding can be used to prevent devices that generate disruptive waves from impacting nearby components by enclosing the disruptive equipment.

What is EMI?

EMI stands for electromagnetic interference, which happens when unwanted signal disruption—electrical, magnetic, or radiofrequency (RF)— occurs in critical equipment in electric vehicles, medical, and aerospace environments. EMI occurs when three factors are present: an emitting device that creates an electronic signal that can disrupt devices in local proximity, the path between the emitting and receiving devices, and the system or equipment that’s being impacted. 

What is EMI Shielding? 

Through the application of a protective layer of metal, electromagnetic interference (EMI) is prevented from reaching and disrupting the internal components of the device or equipment that needs to be protected. This application is done through electroplating, and it is called EMI shielding. 

Copper, silver, nickel, or a combination of these metals are, when highly pure, very effective for EMI shielding. Some engineers believe that copper has an advantage in that it effectively attenuates both magnetic and electrical waves. The amount of EMI shielding that results is dependent on the materials and thickness of the application.

SAT Plating’s Technology and EMI Shielding

The importance of protecting and preventing electromagnetic interference has never been more apparent than it has become in recent years. As new technologies are created and more technologies make use of mobile networks, it is necessary to ensure that these new evolutions do not interfere with other systems around us—especially when all these interferences could negatively affect others’ health or safety. 

SAT Plating specializes in electroplating high-performance polymers used in electric vehicles (EV), medical and aerospace applications. These polymers allow for weight and cost savings. 

EMI Shielding in Electric Vehicles

Automakers are deeply invested in new and exciting future mobility options, taking advantage of GPS, RADAR, LiDAR, and RF systems. Our cars will essentially become transmitters and receivers with all of the accompanying interference concerns. 

Not to mention that Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturing inevitably requires placing a small amount of electrical and electronic systems, closely together in an enclosed space. The EMI from each system can cause malfunctions or even failures when crosstalk occurs between them.

Designers have employed various strategies to reduce EMI exposure on these sensitive automotive components, including using metal electroplated shielding to protect against interference while ensuring proper conductive properties. 

The signal interference issues that come with developments in EV are causing automotive OEMs and their design engineers to reach a new level of appreciation for EMI shielding and its applications in future mobility. 

EMI Shielding in Medical Devices

Hospitals and medical facilities make use of sensitive equipment that requires specific EMI shielding. These include MRI, CT, or CAT scans, which require protection from outside interference to ensure accurate results and patient safety. 

EMI shielding by electroplating a protective layer of metal onto an enclosure of sensitive parts can prevent outside EMI interference from disrupting the internal components of medical equipment. This helps ensure accurate readings are obtained during a mechanism’s operation.

EMI Shielding in Aerospace Applications

The complexity of the electronics in commercial aircraft, military aircraft, satellites, and spacecraft will continue to evolve. Engineers wouldn’t be far off to consider aircraft as sophisticated computer networks that fly. As such, aerospace engineering teams seek effective and efficient EMI shielding options to prevent interference to performance and safety. 

Count on SAT Plating for EMI Shielding Solutions

You can count on SAT Plating to deliver controlled and repeatable technical solutions for your EMI shielding requirements, no matter how stringent your engineering specifications may be. We are 100% focused on reducing and identifying risk while surpassing the requirements for your product and exceeding your expectations. Talk to a plating specialist and see what SAT Plating can do for your business.

SAT Plating is ITAR Registered & Compliant as well as ISO 9001:2015 Certified.