Functional & Aesthetic Plating Finishes

At SAT Plating, we proudly “plate the unplateable”. Some common types of finishes we use are nickel, chrome, copper, and gold; however, whatever finish you desire, we can adhere it to your material. Our finishing process is designed to meet your standard application needs, such as corrosion resistance and EMI shielding, and is repeatable, scaleable, and with a best-in-class yield.

Nylon Multiple Plating Finishes

The History of Plating Technologies

Functional plating technology has come a long way from it’s more simplistic conception. Early plating technology only afforded you the ability to coat with one material, and those materials were severely limited by our inability to properly plate and coat more complex materials.

Now, the world of functional plating has been burst wide open, affording you the ability to plate a multitude of varying materials, as well as plating multiple materials on a single product. Functional plating technology has moved far beyond the days of convenience and practicality, now offering you the ability to indulge your most ambitious designs.

Nickel Plating

Nickel plating is known for its varying functional finishes and high corrosion resistance. Nickel finishes can range from matte finishes to highly polished reflective finishes. This gives its aesthetic options a degree of dynamicity, affording you a multitude of options to find a design that best fits your needs. Nickel plating is also highly resistant to outside corrosive factors. This gives the final product an enhanced longevity and durability.

Chrome Plating

Through electroplating, chrome plating is now a viable functional option for your products. The electroplating process is done by adding a thin layer of chrome over a metal substrate (generally Nickel). This allows for the creation of products with a slick chrome finish, enhancing the aesthetic qualities of your product. Chrome is also durable, adding to the overall longevity of your product. Chrome plating is perfect for your products that are calling for a reflective, sleek, and modern feel.

Copper Plating

While generally seen as an undercoat or a base coat, copper can be turned into a functional finish through the use of a clear coat, which protects the material. This has opened up a plethora of doors in regard to copper’s ability as a functional finish, the aesthetic options it brings, and the practical options it naturally has. Copper finish can be refined to enhance the reflective quality of the material. If you don’t want your product to have a shiny and reflective quality, you can choose to leave the copper coating in its base form, indulging in the look and feel of the more traditional perception of copper. Beyond that, copper as a functional coating also affords a degree of practical use due to its natural conductive properties.

Gold Plating

Gold is one of the most desirable materials in our culture, which makes sense as to why gold plating is such a desirable finish for many customers. The aesthetic quality of gold affords your product a refined and visually stimulating look that enhances the appeal of your product. Beyond the value of the aesthetic benefits for a gold finish, gold is also a great conductor, offering practicality to the final design of your product.

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