Old Dog – New Tricks: PVC & CPVC Can Now Be Electroplated

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High adhesion + superior finish on PVC/CPVC

SAT Plating is pleased to announce that it can now electroplate parts and products made with PVC and CPVC resins, including films | fibers | injection-molded | 3D printed parts. SAT has robust processes for obtaining great plating adhesion to PVC CPVC, without the need to media blast or chemically roughen the surface. Further, SAT can offer the full-line of appearance and functional platings, including coppers, nickels, chromes, golds and silvers.

Pvc Cpvc Copper Plating

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is one of the most common and low-cost resins used in both commercial and retail products. More generally referred to as vinyl, this resin is the third-largest selling commodity plastic behind Polyethylene (PE) and thermoplastic Polypropylene (PP). Its greatest attributes are excellent chemical resistance, UV resistance, and outstanding dielectric and insulating qualities. In fact, most metal plating lines use PVC fabricated tanks precisely because of its resistance to plating chemistries.

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Now, imagine walkway light pedestals – made with PVC – but with a naturally patinaed copper finish. The ultimate UV shield with a premium, classic look – without the cost.

Also imagine architectural columns and features, like trellises, railing posts and caps, all with real copper at an affordable price.

PVC plumbing with real copper finish

PVC Plating

Consider what copper could do for everyday products. PVC plumbing with a mirror finish of real copper – but at a fraction of the price and weight of solid copper pipe and fittings. These pipes age and patina just like solid copper, endure repeated thermal cycling, and can be assembled with common PVC cement. No more unsightly white PVC running on the outside of buildings, pools and landscaping!

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