How A&D Institutions Are Leading the Reshoring Movement

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The aerospace and defense (A&D) sector is the backbone of national security, providing the advanced technologies, systems, and capabilities that protect our nation and project American power around the world. In an era of heightened geopolitical tensions, supply chain disruptions, and the need for greater self-reliance, the importance of a robust and resilient domestic manufacturing base has never been more critical. As the custodians of some of our most sensitive and high-tech industrial capabilities, A&D institutions are at the forefront of the reshoring movement – reclaiming the manufacturing prowess that was outsourced overseas in previous decades. By investing in homegrown production, innovating new processes, and fostering a skilled workforce, these industry leaders are ensuring the United States maintains a decisive edge in critical technologies and securing the foundations of our national security for generations to come.

The Reshoring Imperative: Enhancing National Security through Domestic Production

The strategic movement to reshore critical manufacturing capabilities that support the A&D sector cannot be overstated. Over the past several decades, the offshoring of production has created dangerous vulnerabilities in our industrial base. These vulnerabilities, many revealed by the COVID responses, have left the United States increasingly dependent on international suppliers for essential components, technologies, and materials. This over-reliance on foreign sources poses national security risks with disruptions, shortages, or malicious actions that could cripple the supply of critical components and services that are necessary for defense systems and equipment.

Restoring domestic manufacturing capacity is therefore a matter of utmost importance for safeguarding America’s security interests. By reclaiming control over the production of mission-critical items, A&D institutions can create a more reliable, secure, and resilient supply chain that resists global shocks. This enhanced self-reliance is not only a boon for national defense, but also bolsters the economic strength and technological edge that undergird our global influence and deterrent capabilities. Investing in reshoring is thus a strategic necessity that will pay dividends for generations to come. Neglecting to reshore critical equipment will likewise have dire downstream consequences. 

Advanced Manufacturing: Driving the Reshoring Movement

The reshoring of critical A&D manufacturing is being propelled by dramatic advancements in industrial capabilities, driven by transformative technologies across the production landscape. Innovations in additive manufacturing, automation, and digital manufacturing are empowering domestic facilities to match or exceed the efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness of overseas operations. Through strategic investments in these cutting-edge systems, A&D institutions are reclaiming their competitive edge and asserting their position as world-class producers.

Additive manufacturing, in particular, has emerged as a game-changing enabler of reshoring. Also known as 3D printing, this technology allows for the on-demand production of complex components right here in the United States, reducing lead times, inventory costs, and reliance on international suppliers. Similarly, advances in robotics and industrial automation are boosting the speed, quality, and consistency of domestic manufacturing, leveling the playing field with low-cost labor markets abroad. Combined with the power of digital manufacturing and data-driven optimization, these capabilities equip A&D facilities with the agility and efficiency to thrive in today’s global marketplace–and bringing production back home in the process.

Fostering Local Supplier Partnerships and Ecosystems

Alongside investments in advanced manufacturing capabilities, A&D institutions are also prioritizing the development of robust local supplier networks, especially for specialized components. These local networks and collaborative ecosystems ultimately bolster domestic production quality and capacity. By identifying and onboarding skilled suppliers within their immediate regions, these industry leaders can establish reliable, responsive, and closely integrated supply chains.

Through strategic partnerships, A&D primes are working to enhance the technological and operational capabilities of local manufacturers. This collaboration helps them meet the rigorous quality, security, and performance standards required for defense applications. By fostering close collaboration and knowledge-sharing, these initiatives are not only strengthening individual suppliers, but also nurturing a thriving ecosystem of domestic producers that can collectively support the reshoring of mission-critical production. This multifaceted approach ensures A&D facilities have access to a resilient, high-quality network of local partners to complement their own advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Policy Support and Incentives for Domestic Production

While the sector’s internal investments in advanced manufacturing and local A&D supplier networks are critical drivers of the reshoring movement, government support and policy incentives will be essential to sustaining and accelerating these efforts. Policymakers must recognize the strategic importance of a robust domestic industrial base for national security and act decisively to create a favorable environment for onshoring production.

Tax incentives, targeted investment, and workforce development programs can all play a pivotal role in encouraging A&D institutions to reshore critical manufacturing capabilities. Initiatives that reduce the costs and risks associated with domestic production, such as tax credits for capital expenditures or workforce training, can tip the scales in favor of locating facilities within the United States. Similarly, public-private partnerships and the cultivation of specialized technical skills can further enhance the competitiveness of the domestic A&D industrial base. By aligning policy levers with the sector’s reshoring objectives, the government can be a powerful ally in strengthening the nation’s self-reliance and security.

Benefits of Reshoring: Job Creation, Crisis Response, and Supply Chain Independence

The reshoring of A&D production promises to deliver a host of tangible benefits that extend far beyond the immediate national security imperatives. Most notably, the reclamation of domestic manufacturing capabilities will drive significant job creation and economic growth in communities across the country. As A&D institutions repatriate production and establish new facilities, they will generate high-skilled, well-paying employment opportunities, revitalizing local workforces and sparking wider prosperity.

Furthermore, by consolidating critical production within the United States, the A&D sector will bolster its crisis response and disaster resilience capabilities. In the face of natural disasters, geopolitical conflicts, or other disruptive events, a robust domestic industrial base can rapidly mobilize to meet urgent defense needs and maintain the continuous flow of essential systems and equipment. This supply chain independence is a strategic advantage that enhances the military’s agility and ensures the uninterrupted projection of American power worldwide. Ultimately, the reshoring of A&D manufacturing is not only a matter of national security, but also a driver of economic revitalization and a bulwark against an increasingly volatile global landscape.

Final Thoughts

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